Catty Noir™

Daughter of The Werecats! Age: 16 0

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Some say I’m a musical purr-rdigy, but I think I just really love to sing and purr-form!

Freaky Flaw

I’m really superstitious. For instance, I always eat the same thing two hours before every concert: 7 chicken nuggets, 5 apple slices, 1 strawscarry shake. I have to enter stage left under one ladder and exit stage right under another, and finally, I always wear a piece of broken mirror when I’m on stage. I find it very unlucky if any of these things don’t happen.

Favorite Food

Chilling cheese fries. They are my favorite after-concert food.

Favorite Activity

I like personally answering fan letters, really I do. I know that may not sound very glamorous, but it helps me feel connected to them, especially because without their support I wouldn’t be here.

Killer Style

When I’m performing, I love big, flashy, larger-than-unlife outfits because they are ghoulishly glitzy, creeporifically cool and fangsolutely fun! Even when I’m offstage, I like to wear fashions that sparkle and flash ‘cause they make me feel lucky.


Not having a pet is just one of the sacrifices I felt I had to make to pursue being a singer, but now I’m looking forward to getting something creepy cute and scary sweet.

Pet Peeve

Not being able to make my own schedule. After years of having every minute of my unlife planned for me, I am OH-VER-IT!