I’m a confident, no-nonsense werewolf who screams of becoming a fashion designer. I’m fiercely protective of my friends and family, so don’t even think about messing with my pack, especially my best ghoulfriend Draculaura and my kid sis Howleen.

Freaky Flaw

My hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial and that's just what grows on my legs. Plucking and shaving is definitely a full-time job, but that's a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous.

Favorite Food


Favorite Activity

Shopping and flirting with boys!

Killer Style

I'm a fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude. I'm also gorgeous, intimidating and absolutely loyal to my friends.


My scary-cute little kitten Crescent™ is as fuzzy as I am.

Pet Peeve

I hate having so many of my brothers and sisters in school at the same time. They're annoying, embarrassing and totally know how to push my buttons.

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