Daughter of the Mummy
AGE: 5,843 (give or take a few years)
As a descendent of Egyptian royalty, I reign over the student bodies of Monster High. I’m captain of the Fear Squad and my boyfriend, Deuce Gorgon, is the fiercest manster in school. My older sister Nefera and my frenemy Toralei bring out my competitive side, but I’m not a diva without feelings. I’m a true friend, too. Just ask my beastie Ghoulia Yelps.

How I Boo

I rule! I’m a natural leader. Whatever I wrap my mind to do, I always come out on top of the pyramid.

Favorite Food

Grapes, especially when someone is feeding them to me.

Favorite Activity

Ruling the halls of Monster High and being captain of the fearleading squad.

Killer Style

I'm a true Egyptian princess complete with headdress, exotic jewelry and, oh yeah, the occasional stray bandage wrapping.


Hissette™ is my sweet Egyptian cobra. Her hiss is honestly much worse than her, er, somewhat poisonous bite.

Pet Peeve

When someone refuses to obey me. And, having to deal with my sister Nefera!

Monster Quirk

The dark. Yes, I'm a monster who's afraid of the dark. Get over it.

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