Son of Medusa
AGE: 16
To keep from literally turning everyone into stone, I have to wear shades all the time, but I think I make them look scary cool. I love fanging out with my bros--Clawd Wolf, Gil Webber and Heath Burns. But my favorite monster to be with is my ghoulfriend Cleo de Nile.

Favorite Food

Greek Monster Fusion—it's my own creation.

Favorite Activity

Playing casketball and cooking.

Killer Style

Skate shoes, hoodies and my signature shades. I also rock the snake hawk.


Perseus™ is my two-tailed rat named for an ancient Greek warrior mom knew. She doesn't think it's funny.

Pet Peeve

People who annoy me.

Freaky Flaw

I have to wear sunglasses to keep from turning my friends to stone. It doesn't last that long, but I still hate accidentally causing a friend to rock out.

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