Frankie Stein®

Daughter of Frankenstein Age: How many days has it been now? 0
Frankie Stein®

I made a wish and threw a coin into the school fountain to help make my screams come true.

Friends 3 pins

Freaky Flaw

Sometimes my stitches come loose at the worst possible moments. Like the day my arm flew off and landed right in front of the most creeperific guy. I was mortalfied.

Favorite Food

Everything I've tried is the best thing ever!

Favorite Activity

I don't really have a favorite yet. I want to experience everything before I have to choose.

Killer Style

My friends say I have the perfect figure for fashion. They've taken me shopping for some scary-cute clothes that are absolutely to die for.


Watzit™. I'm not sure of all the things he's made from, but Watzit's pet license is 10 pages long.

Pet Peeve

Every morning when I come upstairs, my father insists on grinning and shouting, "It's alive."