Ghoulia Yelps®

Daughter of the Zombies Age: 16 (in monster years) 0

Friends 3 pins

UHHHH! (Translation: Slo-Moe™ and I are meeting up with some friends for zombie dodgeball. Scary-fun!)

Freaky Flaw

I cannot function without a proper schedule and I do not process last-minute changes very well. My zombie nature also means that I walk rather slowly, have trouble making facial expressions and can only speak…well…zombie.

Favorite Food

Brains…just kidding. I actually have quite the affinity for rapidly prepared, mass-market cuisine. (Translation: I like fast food.)

Favorite Activity

I love to read and learn new things. Books always fit into my schedule.

Killer Style

My horn-rimmed "nerd glasses." They absolutely go with everything.


My owl, Sir Hoots A Lot™, is the perfect companion—even though he absolutely refuses to be a message courier for me.

Pet Peeve

Last-minute schedule changes and monsters who cannot speak zombie. There is nothing quite so frustrating as arriving late and having to explain why to a monster that does not understand you.