Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde
AGE: 16…I think.
Music brings me to unlife—literally. When Jackson Jekyll hears a few notes from any fierce song, he is transformed into me, the hottest DJ at Monster High. The only thing the two of us have in common, though, is we both have a crush on Frankie Stein.

Favorite Food

Hot wings. I like ‘em hot enough to make a dragon cry.

Favorite Activity

Creating new monster music mixes. I love it when my tunes come alive and I can get all the monsters in the house out on the dance floor.

Killer Style

My style is on fire, baby. No really, I literally have flames leaping off my body. I’m like my own light show. I also have this smokin’ yin-yang symbol tattooed on my back and, of course, I never go anywhere without my headphones ‘cause you never know when a beat will blaze up.


Crossfade™, a chameleon. He’s the best pet ever ‘cause change never bothers him, and he totally digs my music.

Pet Peeve

Having to listen to boring music. Seriously, if music can’t transform you, it ain’t nothing but static.

Monster Quirk

I’ve got a bad temper. It’s not something I’m proud of but every once in a while it flares up and I have to spend a lot of time apologizing for it. I also have a hard time remembering some things.

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