Daughter of The Honey Island Swamp Monster
AGE: 115 in swamp monster years
I’m a proper Southern ghoul from the swamps of Honey Island. My mama always taught me if you work hard and follow your screams, you can be anything you want to be. Well, I want to be a world-famous cinema-togre-pher in Hauntlywood.

Favorite Food

Dead beans and rice and jamboolya

Favorite Activity

I am a photographer. I do not want to be one, you understand; I am one. I am always striving to learn more and be…perfect.

Killer Style

I am sweet in disposition, polite in manners, feminine in appearance and sociable in company. In short, I epitomize the modern Southern ghoul. I am also strong, independent and capable--you would do well to remember that.


Living in the swamp means my home is literally crawling with critters. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find pet perfection. I suppose that means I’ll need to keep looking.

Pet Peeve

I do not like to be rushed. Please allow for adequate time when asking me to go somewhere with you.

Freaky Flaw

I am a perfectionist. I believe there is always time to do something the right way and yes I realize this can be tiresome for other monsters.

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