Honey Swamp™

Daughter of The Honey Island Swamp Monster Age: 115 in swamp monster years 0

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I want to be a cinema-togre-pher, which means I define the “look” of a boovie. I’ll be a director's right-hand-monster for everything that you see on screen.

Freaky Flaw

I am a perfectionist. I believe there is always time to do something the right way and yes I realize this can be tiresome for other monsters.

Favorite Food

Dead beans and rice and jamboolya

Favorite Activity

I am a photographer. I do not want to be one, you understand; I am one. I am always striving to learn more and be…perfect.

Killer Style

I am sweet in disposition, polite in manners, feminine in appearance and sociable in company. In short, I epitomize the modern Southern ghoul. I am also strong, independent and capable--you would do well to remember that.


Living in the swamp means my home is literally crawling with critters. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find pet perfection. I suppose that means I’ll need to keep looking.

Pet Peeve

I do not like to be rushed. Please allow for adequate time when asking me to go somewhere with you.