Daughter of Sirens
AGE: 14

Freaky Flaw

I’m kind of clumsy when I’m on land. It’s like in my mind I mean to do one thing, but somehow my body doesn’t get the message. It’s totes embarrassing, too, especially when I have an epically clumsy fall in front of other monsters.

Favorite Food

Cookies. They are the perfect food.

Favorite Activity

Singing is my unlife, and I can’t help but burst into song on just about any occasion where it’s called for -- sometimes…hehe…even when it’s not.

Killer Style

I am a total ghoul at heart and I love scary-sweet styles that are a reflection of that, but I also like to be a little edgy, too, ‘cause even the calmest seas still make waves.


I have a golden doodle who is one part fancy, one part adventurous, and all parts sweet.

Pet Peeve

I don’t like bullying, and my heart just breaks when I see the damage being bullied causes. I also hate when monsters think I use my voice and my songs to lure monsters to their doom because I am a Siren monster. Nothing could be further from the truth. I use my voice like a lighthouse to guide monsters from the storms of unlife to safe harbors of peace and calm

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