Daughter of The Mummy
AGE: I am ageless, of course…but for those of you who keep track of such tings, I am three years older than my younger sister Cleo.

How I Boo

I exceed! I wrap myself in the knowledge that I am exceptional in everything I do and look gore-geous doing it.

Favorite Food

Almas caviar and white truffles

Favorite Activity

Making sure that my sister knows her place in the royal line of succession. It’s right behind me.

Killer Style

I prefer fashions and accessories that accentuate my timeless beauty, like the blue of the eternal Nile or gold—especially gold—which does not tarnish or rust. Much like myself.


Azura™ is my pet scarab, Scarabaeus sacer, to be exact. He brings me the sun.

Pet Peeve

If someone or something annoys me, I deal with it. Immediately.

Monster Quirk

Flawed? Who said I was flawed? I want names and a mirror—quickly!

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