Nefera de Nile™

Daughter of The Mummy Age: I am ageless, of course…but for those of you who keep track of such tings, I am three years older than my younger sister Cleo. 0
Nefera de Nile™

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I love my baby sister Cleo, just so long as she remembers how she ranks.

Freaky Flaw

Flawed? Who said I was flawed? I want names and a mirror—quickly!

Favorite Food

Almas caviar and white truffles

Favorite Activity

Making sure that my sister knows her place in the royal line of succession. It’s right behind me.

Killer Style

I prefer fashions and accessories that accentuate my timeless beauty, like the blue of the eternal Nile or gold—especially gold—which does not tarnish or rust. Much like myself.


Azura™ is my pet scarab, Scarabaeus sacer, to be exact. He brings me the sun.

Pet Peeve

If someone or something annoys me, I deal with it. Immediately.