Daughter of Stheno(steth-an-uh) – Sister of Medusa
AGE: 17

Favorite Food

Dates…stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon. Delicioussss…

Favorite Activity

I love doing, shopping for and experimenting with makeup. I do my friends makeup for dances and school photos and sometimes I go to the elder monsters’ home and do makeovers for the monsters that live there. They have great stories to tell, and I get to hear them. #WinWin.

Killer Style

Hippie Boho Chic. I like to be comfortable AND I never like scaling back when it comes to mixing different colors, patterns and fabrics together.


In case you haven’t noticed, under this mane of freaky fabulous hair is a rather active nest of vipers. I really don’t have room in my unlife for anything else.

Pet Peeve

Cheap makeup. Might as well just use finger paint.

Monster Quirk

Some people wave, some high five, some hug… I bite. I just can’t help myself. It’s the way I show affection. I try to remember to just shake hands, but sometimes I forget.

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