Daughter of Stheno(steth-an-uh) – Sister of Medusa
AGE: 17

Freaky Flaw

Some people wave, some high five, some hug… I bite. I just can’t help myself. It’s the way I show affection. I try to remember to just shake hands, but sometimes I forget.

Favorite Food

Dates…stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon. Delicioussss…

Favorite Activity

I love doing, shopping for and experimenting with makeup. I do my friends makeup for dances and school photos and sometimes I go to the elder monsters’ home and do makeovers for the monsters that live there. They have great stories to tell, and I get to hear them. #WinWin.

Killer Style

Hippie Boho Chic. I like to be comfortable AND I never like scaling back when it comes to mixing different colors, patterns and fabrics together.


In case you haven’t noticed, under this mane of freaky fabulous hair is a rather active nest of vipers. I really don’t have room in my unlife for anything else.

Pet Peeve

Cheap makeup. Might as well just use finger paint.

More Less

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