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Spectra Vondergeist
Age: 16

Parents: The Ghosts

Killer Style: Silk, silk and more silk accentuated with just a touch of metal. It allows me to freely float about with just a hint of rattle. It’s quite the haunting look wouldn’t you agree?

Freaky Flaw: Yes, well I’ve never really given this much thought you see since I find that it’s unhealthy to focus on what one does wrong especially when contrasted with all the good one does in unlife. I am also not a gossip despite rumors to the contrary.

Favorite Color: Violet

Favorite Food: Angel Food cake. It’s light and full of sweetness, much like me.

Pet Peeve: When certain monsters doubt the behind the screams information I have about what really happens at Monster High. It can be very difficult being the only one in the know.

Favorite Activity: Providing certain information not readily available to the general Monster High
student body.

Pet: Rhuen is my ghost ferret. Did you know that the name ferret comes from the Latin furittus, which means “little thief”? Of course you didn’t until I told you!

BFF’s: Everyone loves Spectra V!

Favorite Subject: Journalism.

Least Favorite Subject: Math. It’s just so rigid and un-open to interpretation.